All-in-One Point of Sale Solution for Events & Venues

The POS System Built for Event Parking

  • Keeps payment and inventory flows in one simple system
  • Handheld device processes credit cards, cash, RFID cards and pre-paid parking
  • Unified payment redemption module allows for easy post-event data analysis
  • Lessens entry and exit congestion with lightning-fast processing times
  • Integrates with ticketing platforms including Fortress and TicketMaster
  • Optional Bluetooth for printing customer receipts and distributing shift, batch and cash-out reports
  • Syncs with online reservation platforms

Case Study: Tampa Bay Rays

The Rays’ goals were simple – to 1) implement a fast all-in-one onsite payment solution that makes gameday parking stress-free and 2) score deeper insight into their parking processes and metrics.
Here’s how HeroTech helped them hit it out of the park.

Parking for sporting events often requires patience but, on game day, most of us don’t have that in abundance. Before teaming up with HeroTech, the Rays lacked a reliable means of tracking cash payments, their credit card processor was too slow, there wasn’t any way for season ticket holders to redeem parking credits from their cards. All in all, parking at the Rays stadium resulted in frustrated attendants, annoyed employees, and an experience that nobody was eager to repeat.
The Rays couldn’t find an end-to-end solution that streamlined operations while giving them the insights they needed for ongoing optimization – so we built them one. EventHero speeds up entry and exit by rapidly transacting via cash, credit card, online reservation or pre-paid season ticket card. It consolidates all payment methods into a single redemption model while drawing from the same inventory pool, allowing onsite attendants to manage all transactions within one simple interface.
Over the past two years, the Rays have used EventHero to record a staggering 286,162 transactions at an average parking time of just 3 seconds per vehicle. Rays fans benefit from a simple, seamless, stress-free parking experience that accommodates all of the ways they choose to pay. And because operators have access to a robust reporting and analytics dashboard, every game reveals actionable metrics for increasing revenue and keeping customers cheering.

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