All-in-One Point of Sale Solution for Garages & Lots

The POS System Built for Garage & Lot Parking – Coming Soon!

  • Transforms garage and lot parking into a cash-free, ticketless, no-hassle experience
  • Handheld device scans barcodes, swipes credit cards and records cash transactions
  • Syncs with SpotHero to scan in online reservations
  • Sets unlimited rates and applies overages for online reservations
  • Captures behavioral data so you can maximize revenue for all types of parkers
  • Supports slice-and-diceable reporting and revenue analysis

ParkHero Case Study: Classic Parking

Classic Parking wanted to market and sell out their lots outside the venues while integrating all of their parking needs into one seamless system. Here’s how HeroTech helped them make it happen.

What was the problem?
Classic Parking manages lots in close proximity to two major multi-use venues in California. These are ideal places for game-goers to park, but it’s tricky to attract fans to lots outside of the stadium without resorting to the traditional flag-’em-down approach. They wanted a better way to capture these customers plus a solution for processing onsite payments and scanning in online reservations. They also needed an inventory management solution so they knew how many spaces were available to sell on site.
What was our solution?
Classic Parking got their lots in front of new customers by leveraging HeroTech’s powerful marketing tools (like SpotHero, our online reservations platform). ParkHero’s mobile payment processing and inventory app – conveniently nestled in a lightweight handheld device that swipes credit cards, scans barcodes and records cash transactions – allows their attendants to quickly collect and record payments, increasing operational efficiency and providing a better parker experience.
What were their results?
Today, Classic Parking is selling out lots before games even start. ParkHero lets them see how many reservations are coming in so they can manage onsite inventory, maximizing revenue without overselling locations (and potentially providing a bad customer experience). And because ParkHero unifies all payment methods into one redemption module, they’re able to reconcile all post-event transactions into one report and get a holistic overview of revenue and operational data.

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