Digital Ticketing Tool for Valet Managers & Attendants

Ticket-Free Valet for a Better Customer Experience

  • Digitizes the valet ticketing process from start to finish
  • Handheld device uploads vehicle information by scanning VINs
  • Lets customers manage reservations, request cars and communicate with valets via smartphone
  • Displays real-time operational snapshots online or through a mobile app
  • Tracks and records valet activities by attendant, location and more
  • Mobile app records vehicle damage in a snap

Case Study: Precision Parking

Precision Parking aimed to provide employees of a large social media company with a ticketless valet solution that also captured valuable data on all parking activities. Here’s how HeroTech got them there.

What was the problem?
Precision Parking’s client uses valet for their employees due to the large number of cars entering and exiting each day. But the retrieval process was extremely manual and time-consuming, requiring employees to deliver a valet slip to an attendant and then wait for their car to pull up. Self-parking was an option but employees risked having their car boxed in by a valet vehicle. This frustrating experience impacted employee productivity because so much time was spent waiting in the garage.
What was our solution?
ValetHero consolidates all valet activities – both for Precision Parking and their client’s employees – on the one thing that everyone’s always carrying: their smartphone. Valets use this lightweight device upload vehicle information by scanning a VIN, create digital tickets to send to employees, and collect and view real-time operational snapshots. Employees can use their phones to request their vehicles and receive notifications for when it’s time to head down to the garage.
What were their results?
ValetHero effectively digitized all aspects of Precision Parking’s operations while providing a means for recording and analyzing data that they can use to continuously improve. Employees are can now text their valet 15 minutes prior to desired retrieval time, eliminating time wasted waiting around the parking garage. On the back end, operators can use ValetHero’s real-time mobile and online analytics dashboard to view valet activity, vehicle history and inventory information.

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