Comped & Validated Parking Management Tool

Create & Send Comped, Validated & Discounted Passes

  • Generates comped and validated parking passes one-off or in batches
  • Delivers parking passes to customers via email or text
  • Notifies you when and where your VIPs arrive so you can greet them
  • Lets you define pricing, timeframe and usage requirements for each pass
  • Integrates with your PARC solution and other revenue systems
  • Provides real-time reporting and inventory management
  • Manages online discounts and promotions

Case Study: LA Convention Center

The Convention Center’s goal was simple: to automate and digitize their process for creating and sending comped, validated and discounted parking passes. HeroTech had their back.

What was the problem?
When visitors park for meetings and events at the LA Convention Center, they’re often issued a pass for free or discounted parking. Pre-HeroTech, creating and issuing these passes was a very manual, inefficient process – and the resulting passes were impossible to track. The Convention Center knew that they needed a better way to manage this aspect of their business and provide a friendlier customer experience.
What was our solution?
VIPHero allows parking operators at the Convention Center to quickly create comped, validated or discounted parking passes with specific parameters – and then issue these passes to parkers via email or text. All the guest has to do in order to access the parking facility is scan the QR code/pass on their phone; there’s no need to pull a ticket or provide payment on site.
What were their results?
VIPHero requires very little manual attention to create and send passes, and it accounts for every parking pass from distribution to redemption. The fully digital experience simplifies parking for guests while capturing and displaying relevant business metrics for operators. But don’t just take our word for it: Abraham Reyes, parking manager at the Convention Center, says VIPHero “gives us extra checks and balances by providing a clean audit and real-time distribution, reporting and communication with parking equipment.”

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