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733 Folsom St. - Garage

Enter After
Thu, Mar 8th
5:00 PM
Exit Before
Thu, Mar 8th
11:00 PM
Update your license plate prior to parking so you don't get towed!

License Plate: Unknown

Phone: (732) 672-4538

Rental ID: SH11418962

Location Access Hours:

Open Mon-Fri 5:30 AM-11:00 PM
Open Sat 8:00 AM-11:00 PM
Open Sun 8:00 AM-6:00 PM

For multi-day, overnight, or 24 hour reservations, you may only access your vehicle during the hours of operation.

Questions or Changes? Our Customer Heroes are here to guide you. (844) 243-SPOT (7768)
SpotHero Hours Daily, 4am – 9pm

Getting There:

Enter this location at 733 Folsom St. This is the Museum Parc garage, which is operated by City Park. It is located on the southeast/right-hand side of Folsom St. (a one-way street) between 4th St. and 3rd St. Look for the green "PUBLIC | PARK" sign and the red "PARK" banner. You may also enter this location at its other entrance at 300 3rd St.

Things You Should Know:

  • This facility does NOT allow in/out privileges. You CANNOT enter & exit more than once.
  • Height Restriction: 6' 5"
  • Depending on parking occupancy, this facility may become a valet and you may be asked to leave your keys with the attendant.
  • The cashier's booth is attended 8am-8pm Mon-Fri. You must validate your reservation here during these hours.
How to Redeem:
How To Redeem
  1. 1

    Scan your QR Code at the box with the red flashing lights. Hold the QR code about 2 inches away from the reader and the gate will open.

    Please Note: For all reservation changes, please allow 15 minutes for updates to take effect.

  2. 2

    You may park anywhere that doesn't say "Reserved".

  3. 3

    When exiting, scan your QR Code again at the box with the red flashing lights.

  4. 4

    The gate will open and you're free to go!


  • Self Park
  • Valet
  • Mobile Pass Accepted
  • Covered
  • Paved
  • Accessible
  • On Site Staff

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