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220 W Illinois St. - Garage

Price: $14.00
Enter After
Sat, Mar 10th
10:00 PM
Exit Before
Sun, Mar 11th
4:00 AM

Rental ID: 5649100468261856

Location Access Hours:

This facility is open 24/7.
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Getting There:

Enter this location at 220 W Illinois St. This garage is operated by SP+. It is located on the north side of W Illinois St. between N Franklin St. and N Wells St. The entrance to this garage is located in the alley north of Illinois St., just follow the blue "P" parking sign affixed to the building.
You can also access this facility from N. Franklin St. Take the alley on the east side Franklin St., between W. Grand and W. Illinois St. (directly behind Binny's Beverage Depot). Continue heading east down the alley, follow the posted signs, garage entrance will be on your right.

Please Note: This location has a tight turn into the entrance, which is in an alley lined with dumpsters. Please be mindful of this tight turn when pulling into the garage.

Things You Should Know:

  • This facility does NOT allow in/out privileges. You CANNOT enter & exit more than once.
  • Height Restriction: 7' 2"
  • The scanner window sits low on the ticket dispenser upon entry. You may have to pull forward and open driver-side door to reach the scanner window. We apologize for any inconvenience may cause. If you cannot reach the scanner, pull a ticket and use the "Assistance" button while exiting.
  • For all reservation changes, please allow 15 minutes for updates to take effect.
  • If you encounter a Lot Full sign at the garage entrance, please continue into the garage, your space is still reserved.
  • No trucks, vans or oversized vehicles.
How to Redeem:
How To Redeem
  1. 1

    If you encounter a LOT FULL sign upon arrival, please continue into the garage, your space is still reserved.

  2. 2

    Scan your QR code at the ticket dispenser. The scanner window is located mid-way on the machine, about 6 inches below the "Push For Ticket" sign. Hold the QR code about 2 inches away from the reader and the gate will open.

  3. 3

    You will be issued a ticket and the gate will open. You must have this ticket to exit.

  4. 4

    Choose your spot! You may park in the numbered spaces.

    You may not park in any of the spots marked 'reserved.'

  5. 5

    When you are ready to leave, drive to the exit gate and insert the ticket you received upon arrival.

  6. 6

    The gate will open and you're free to go!


  • Self Park
  • Mobile Pass Accepted
  • Covered
  • Paved
  • 24/7

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