Parking Pass

1548 N Larrabee St. - Under EL

Price: $10.00
Enter After
Mon, Jul 16th
6:00 PM
Exit Before
Tue, Jul 17th
6:00 PM

License Plate: AL43210

Phone: (331) 220-4383

Rental ID: 14356110

Location Access Hours:

This facility is open 24/7.
Questions or Changes? Our Customer Heroes are here to guide you. (844) 243-SPOT (7768)
SpotHero Hours Daily, 6am – 11pm CST

Getting There:

Enter this location at 1548 N Larrabee St. This is an Under EL facility operated by SP+. It is located on the west side of N Larrabee St. between W North Ave. and the El tracks to the south.

The entrance to the parking area is through the chainlink fence on the southeast side of the property, next to the shops. Look for the blue SpotHero sign marking the entry, you will be parking in the area behind the buildings in the shopping plaza, underneath the EL train tracks. You may park in front of one of the SpotHero signs against the south fence, or you may park in any area between the SpotHero signs suspended from the EL tracks. Please make sure you do not block any vehicles in.

You may also enter the lot via the shopping plaza entrance on W North Ave. Please note you must park on the southeast side of the under El lot, against the south fence, as shown in the photos. Look for the SpotHero signs along the south fence.

Things You Should Know:

  • This parking spot is under the EL tracks. You are getting a great price, but please remember, you are parking beneath an active train line. Oil may drip from the tracks. It can be dark, unpaved, & impacted by the unpredictable Chicago weather. Please park at your own risk. SpotHero, SP+ and CTA assumes no responsibility.
Redemption Instructions:
How To Redeem
  1. 1
    Make sure your license plate matches the plate on your Parking Pass. Failure to do so will result in a ticket or tow.
  2. 2

    Please park in the spaces along the south fence of the lot, as shown in the photos. You do not have to park directly in front of the SpotHero signs on fence, but please make sure you are parked in the general area between the "SpotHero arrow signs" suspended from the EL tracks.

  3. 3
    Simply leave when you're ready to go!


  • Self Park
  • Mobile Pass Accepted
  • In and Out Allowed
  • 24/7

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