SpotHero for Apple CarPlay

Say Hello to Your New CarPlay Copilot

You can now use the SpotHero app in the Apple CarPlay dashboard to find and book parking — all without touching your phone.

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How Apple CarPlay Works

You can now use SpotHero with Apple CarPlay to search for parking, book a spot, and navigate there, all within your car’s dash! For places you go often, like work or a favorite restaurant, you can save favorite places in the SpotHero app and quickly book via CarPlay. When you need parking in a pinch, search nearby to find the closest spots to your car’s location. Whether you book online, in the app, or in dash, use SpotHero for CarPlay to access your parking pass and navigate to your spot with ease.

What You'll Need

What You’ll Need

To reference an already booked reservation and navigate to your spot, you’ll need:

✓  A CarPlay enabled vehicle

✓  SpotHero iOS app downloaded on your mobile device

✓  iOS 14 or Higher


To make a purchase within CarPlay, you’ll need to be logged into a SpotHero account on the app with the following info saved:

✓ Default credit or debit card (At this time, Apple does not support Apple Pay within CarPlay experiences.)

✓ Phone number

✓ Vehicle make/model and license plate

✓ Precise location permission (for search nearby capability)

How to Book a Spot


Search from saved addresses, recent searches within the mobile app or nearby facilities.


Select your desired parking facility and reservation time frame.


Checkout and let SpotHero direct you to your parking.

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