Partnering With SpotHero

Parking Rentals for Property Managers

Elevate your property's value and tenant satisfaction with SpotHero. By capturing revenue from available parking and optimizing inventory based on tenant occupancy, we partner with you to transform parking into a valuable asset. This not only enhances your property's appeal but also ensures the satisfaction and retention of your renters.

Sell Your Available Parking Spaces Online

Easy Set-Up & Low Maintenance

policies, from leases to access cards and gate technology.

Maintain Your Operations

We work with your existing parking process to ensure security and simplicity.

Flexibility with Rates

By listing your parking location(s) on our platform, you'll have the flexibility to set the type of parking you prefer, whether it's hourly, monthly, or event. This allows you to gain access to a new demographic of online drivers.

Consultation and Support

Our team helps you maximize revenue and provides the best customer experience.

Track Your Performance

Access revenue and reservation count over time with customized analytics.

Facility Monthly Billing

Take administrative work off your plate while providing a better experience for tenants.

Added Revenue. Zero Effort.

Monthly ParkingMonthly and Daily Parking MixDaily Parking

Luxury Apartment Building Garage

Downtown Residential Complex Garage

Condo Building Lot

12 available spaces

6 monthly spaces/50 daily spaces

5 Available spaces

Over $40,000 in one year

$120,000 in one year

Over $45,000 in one year

75M+Cars Parked

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