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This app really works. I was a bit doubtful at first when it said 40 bucks for 6 hours of parking really close to Times Square. I reserved a spot and also got a discount of $10.00 making it $30.00 for prime NYC parking. It was also valet and the instructions were very clear and the attendant knew what to do and i didn't have to pay anything extra. It was easy, reliable and cheap. The app also is very good in searching places and nearby parking spots so you can plan your trip around it.


A friend recommended this App to me & it works wonderfully! As long as you take the time to read the details of the parking spot (which this App does a superb job of doing) BEFORE you book the spot, you'll have a smooth transaction. Every parking spot can have unique requirements & knowing these prior to booking is so helpful & you must take the time to read before booking. I will continue to use & recommend this App!!


Easy to use. Works like a charm! Customer service is fabulous!