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Partnering with SpotHero

As the leading digital parking platform, we provide our operators with products and services designed to:

Seamlessly Integrate with Your Operations

We leverage our dedicated Account Reps, data, and products to provide you with a best-in-class solution that is customized to fit your facility’s unique needs. Our streamlined onboarding procedures and integrations with enforcement and PARCS (Parking Access and Revenue Control Systems) providers contribute to improved operational efficiency, providing significant value to our partners.

Capture More Demand

By listing your parking location(s) on our platform, you'll gain access to a new demographic of online drivers looking for hourly, event, or airport parking. Our digital marketing campaigns, partnerships, and top-tier media coverage will also boost your facility’s visibility.

Generate Incremental Value

Utilize our robust platform to access advanced pricing tools that provide competitive rate recommendations so you can make informed decisions on your rates and inventory. We also offer a simplified and secure drive-up parking product that provides a high rate of return due to its seamless payment flow.

Secure & Quick On-Site Booking

Scan2Pay by SpotHero is a drive-up parking solution that enables drivers to securely and quickly book parking on-site through our trusted platform. Drivers simply scan the sign’s QR code with their phone, adjust the duration, enter their license plate information, and finalize the booking using our secure payment options. Scan2Pay's straightforward design provides a seamless check-out flow that allows drivers to book parking with no app download required.

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Optimized Price Management

SpotHero strives to help determine optimal rates for your parking inventory so you can improve your yield-per-spot and maximize revenue. Our pricing solutions offer varying levels of customization so you can choose the tool that works best for your facility.

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Flex Rates is a flexible pricing solution for our parking partners that generates incremental revenue by transforming traditional, static rate bands into full rate coverage with a pricing option for every type of parker. 

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SpotHero IQ is a dynamic pricing solution for our parking partners built using a best-in-class machine learning algorithm, which uses our proprietary historical data to automate and optimize rates.

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