Scan2Pay by SpotHero

Safe & Easy On-Site Booking: No App Download Required!

Scan2Pay by SpotHero is our newest web-based product that enables parkers to safely and efficiently book parking reservations on-site through our trusted platform.

Scan2Pay with SpotHero

Scan2Pay by SpotHero enables parkers to safely and efficiently book parking reservations on-site through the trusted SpotHero platform. Drivers can now book a spot in under 30 seconds without downloading the SpotHero app! Simply drive up, scan, pay, and park! Ready to drive more revenue with Scan2Pay? Fill out the form below to request your Scan2Pay sign today!

Why use Scan2Pay?


Attract drive-up traffic with signage signaling how to pay at your facility.


Drivers can book parking in less than 30 seconds without downloading the SpotHero app.


A supersized QR code, direct URL option, and special warning provide enhanced security for Scan2Pay drivers.

Easy & Integrated Experience

Scan2Pay by SpotHero signage leverages SpotHero’s trusted brand and multiple wallet integrations (Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal) for a seamless way to pay for parking on-site. Our signs are designed for maximized security to defend against QR code fraud. By using Scan2Pay by SpotHero, you can:

  • Store & track drive-up transaction data
  • Adjust drive-up rates in real-time 
  • Share revenue reporting cross-departmentally 
  • Offer easy-to-use on-site reservations with no app download required

Request Scan2Pay Signage

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How do I manage my spot location?

When your Scan2Pay sign is shipped, the location will be available in your seller control panel. From here, you will have the opportunity to adjust rates and inventory, and creates blackouts.

Are my signs available for sales 24/7?

Yes, unless you specify particular hours of operation for your location.

How will I know when someone books a reservation through Scan2Pay?

All reservation details for your Scan2Pay location will be available in the Operator Control Panel under the reservation tab.

How do I track revenue generated from Scan2Pay?

All revenue is trackable in the Operator Control Panel under the accounting and reports tab.

What is the commission structure for Scan2Pay transactions?

SpotHero’s Scan2Pay commission is industry competitive and is determined based on a variety of factors. Please inquire with our Scan2Pay specialist to learn more.

Can I blackout my Scan2Pay location?

Yes, you can create a blackout in the Operator Control Panel. If a blackout is in effect, parkers will not be able to check out by scanning the QR code on-site.

What kind of data is collected from Scan2Pay signage?

SpotHero collects and owns all reservation data funneled through the SpotHero platform.

How much do signs cost?

SpotHero pays for all signage and installation costs!

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