SeaTac Airport Parking

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Last updated: 3/31/2020

SeaTac Airport Parking

Seattle Airport services the greater Seattle area and its surrounding neighborhoods. SeaTac Airport is part of the Port of Seattle, which was founded in 1911 to encourage economic growth and job opportunities by improving trade, travel, and environmentally friendly commerce. For those flying out of the Seattle area, SeaTac is known for being the largest airport in the Pacific Northwest. Parking at the airport can be challenging as it can become busy and crowded during peak times and days. SpotHero helps you avoid missing out on a parking spot by allowing you to reserve your spot in advance. With many nearby parking options to choose from, you are sure to find the best spot for you. Make your flight on time and reserve through the SpotHero app or website, today.


Cheap SeaTac Airport Parking with SpotHero

Find cheap SeaTac Airport parking through SpotHero. We offer nearby airport parking at a discounted rate. We provide you with the best rates, discounts, and coupons to make parking more affordable. SeaTac official parking rates run high and add up when parking long-term. SpotHero long-term and short-term rates start as low as $5 per day. When looking for the perfect spot, you have a variety of parking amenities to choose from. Parking amenities that are available are self park uncovered/covered, valet uncovered/covered, and hotel. A free shuttle is available with many of the parking options near the airport. Let SpotHero take the stress out of parking and book your spot instantly.


SeaTac Airport Parking Rates


SpotHero Seatac Airport Parking


Park & Taxi/Rideshare (no shuttle) $3 Per Day
Self Park Uncovered $5 - $20 Per Day
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Self Park Covered $20 - $21 Per Day
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Valet Uncovered $9 - $17 Per Day
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Valet Covered $19 - $21 Per Day
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Hotel $3 - $14 Per Day
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*Estimates based on the cheapest rideshare option offered and does not include surge pricing. 

Other SeaTac Airport Parking


Terminal Direct $39 Per Day
General Parking Floors (1-3)(5-8) $32 Per Day
Passport Parking $375 Monthly
Corporate Parking $22 Per Day


SeaTac Airport Map

Coming Soon!

The SeaTac Airport map will show where the parking structures are located at the airport.


Long-Term Parking at SeaTac Airport

Long-term parking rates at SeaTac official parking facilities can be expensive. Extended trips that require long-term parking shouldn’t cost you a fortune. SpotHero has many long-term parking options available for a cheap price. Spend less money on parking and more on your trip. Simply input your dates and times of travel and find the best spot for your travel needs.  


SeaTac Airport Parking Lots

Parking rates at SEA Airport increased starting July 1, 2019. Profits from the parking garage are used to update and repair it. These updates include painting, lighting, adding electric car charging stations, and several other amenities. A parking reservation service and an automated parking guidance system will be implemented soon. 


SeaTac Terminal Direct

Terminal Direct parking is the closest to the Main Terminal entrance on floor 4. Convenient skybridges are connected from the fourth floor of the garage to the Main Terminal. No matter how long you plan to park, short-term and long-term parking is available. The rate to park in Terminal Direct is $6 per hour and $39 per day. Reservations are not available at this parking option. 


SeaTac General Parking

General Parking is on floors 1-3 and 5-8. Short-term and long-term parking is available on these floors. The rate to park in General Parking is $5 per hour and $32 per day. There is a weekly special rate of $149. The special is for those parking more than five days and a maximum of seven days. 


SeaTac Passport Parking

Passport Parking at Seattle Airport is the best and fastest way to arrive and leave the airport. This type of parking is ideal for frequent travelers. It’s a monthly parking program that guarantees a parking spot in Terminal Direct. A recurring payment is used to pay for Passport Parking. To receive this parking you are required to fill out an application. 


SeaTac Corporate Parking

Premier Corporate Parking is a membership for companies. Each customer is given an access card for the garage and is paid for using a credit card. 


SeaTac Over-Height Parking

Over-Height Parking is for those whose car is taller than 6’10.” You can get to Over-Height Parking by Highway 99 International Blvd. from the south or north. There are over 60 parking spots in the outdoor lot. The terminal is within walking distance. 


SeaTac Airport Accessible Parking

Accessible parking spots are available in General Parking 5th floor and Terminal Direct Parking 4th floor. To park in these spaces you must display a valid permit. Same rates apply when parking in ADA spots. 

Find accessible parking near SeaTac through SpotHero. View the spot details to confirm accessibility parking. Free shuttles to the airport are offered at most SpotHero parking options.


SeaTac Airport Electric Vehicle Parking 

There are 48 electric vehicle parking spaces at SEA Airport. There are charging stations in each space that provide a free charge of 120 voltage for customers. These spots are labeled “Electric Car Charging Only” with green lining. You can find electric car parking at the following locations:

Floor 5 (General Parking)
36 Spots Total
12 Spots in each row: D, G, & I


Floor 4 (Terminal Direct Parking)
12 Spots in row I

*Regular rates and fees apply in General and Terminal Direct Parking.


SeaTac Airport Rideshare Comparison

Having trouble deciding between parking at SeaTac Airport or using rideshare? Make your decision by comparing your options with our rideshare comparison chart. Compare the length of your trip and the driving distance to SeaTac Airport to find the best money saving option.



SeaTac Airport Parking FAQs


How much is parking at SeaTac?

SpotHero parking at SeaTac Airport starts at $5 per day. There are many cheap parking options available nearby the airport through SpotHero. Official parking facilities rates at SeaTac Airport range between  $22-$39 per day. 


What is the best parking at SeaTac airport?

The best parking at SeaTac Airport depends on your travel needs. If you require long-term parking or looking for the cheapest option then the general parking spots at SeaTac would be ideal. Rates for the General Parking spaces start at $32 per day. Find cheaper parking at SeaTac Airport through SpotHero. SpotHero rates range between $5-$21 per day.


Where do you park at SeaTac?

SeaTac Airport has several parking options to choose from. These include: Terminal Direct, General Parking, Passport Parking, and Corporate Parking. In addition, you can find an abundance of nearby parking when you use SpotHero. Choose from self park, valet, and hotel parking.  


Can I leave my car at SeaTac for 3 days?

You can leave your car at SeaTac for 3 days. SeaTac has long-term parking available. However, if you plan to park longer than 30 days you have to contact SeaTac’s Airport Public Parking Office to make arrangements.  


How do you pay for parking a SeaTac?

Depending on the pay location, official SeaTac Airport parking facilities accept cash or credit/debit cards as a form of payment. 


How early should I arrive for a flight at SeaTac?

The standard time to arrive at SeaTac Airport is 3 hours before your scheduled flight. Since SeaTac is a busy airport, it is recommended you arrive no later than 3 hours before your flight.