SpotHero for Android Auto

Say Hello to Your New Android Auto Copilot

View your SpotHero reservations, reference details and navigate to the parking facility via Google Maps — all within the Android Auto dashboard.


How Android Auto Works

You can now use SpotHero with Android Auto to simplify your parking experience. The Android Auto app assists in finding your upcoming reservations, navigating to the facility entrance and opening your parking pass all within your car’s dash!

What You’ll Need

To reference an already booked reservation and navigate to your spot, you’ll need:

✓  An Android Auto enabled vehicle

✓  SpotHero Android app downloaded on your mobile device

✓  Android OS 10 or higher

android auto dashboard

How to Access Your Reservation with Android Auto


Book a spot on the SpotHero app.

Inside the car, driving on the highway at sunset in Dubai UAE.


Launch the SpotHero app on your Android Auto dashboard to view your reservations.


Google Maps routes you to the facility entrance.


Click “Open Pass” and follow the redemption instructions on your parking pass.

Android Auto FAQs

How can I book a reservation on Android Auto?

At this time, booking and payment are not available in Android Auto. The Android Auto app allows the user to pull up an upcoming or active reservation (previously purchased in the mobile app), view the booking details, navigate to the facility, and open the pass on the mobile app.

Can I change my vehicle or payment method within Android Auto?

All changes to your reservation must be made within the SpotHero app or on the web before using it with Android Auto.

How do I redeem my SpotHero reservation with Android Auto?

You can reference your parking pass for redemption instructions from the home screen in Android Auto by touching “Open Pass”. Certain locations will still require use of your phone upon arrival.

How do I get SpotHero on my Android Auto dashboard?

If you have an Android Auto enabled vehicle, the Android Auto app on your phone, and the SpotHero Android app on your phone, you will automatically see the SpotHero app in your dashboard. For Android 10 and higher, Android Auto is built in. However, if you have Android 9 or below, you’ll need to download the Android Auto app on your phone from the Play Store.

Can I extend a reservation through Android Auto?

No. To extend a reservation, you will need to access it through the SpotHero mobile app.

Help! I need to change my reservation.

Call our Customer Hero team at (312) 566-7768 at any time for assistance with your reservation.