O'Hare Parking

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O'Hare Parking with SpotHero

Parking at O’Hare Airport (ORD) can be challenging, but reserving with SpotHero will help ensure you’ve got a spot in advance of your trip.

Numerous O'Hare parking options are generally available– including but not limited to – long-term parking, covered/uncovered, valet, hotel, and more.

Along with Midway Airport, O'Hare services the greater Chicago area, most often for those flying internationally.

O'Hare Parking Options

O’Hare Hotel Parking
Typically the most common of the O'Hare offsite parking options, hotel spots are generally in close proximity to the airport, with shuttle services to ORD offered (where indicated).

O'Hare Daily & Hourly Parking
Adjust your desired date range to reserve parking for the duration of your trip. SpotHero rates will update according to daily or hourly parking needs.

O’Hare Valet Parking
When available, parking spots will indicate that valet is offered, as well as whether it will be covered or uncovered.

O’Hare Self-Park/Garage Parking
Like valet, self-parking and garage spots will be indicated as such, with additional information available in the spot details.

How Much is Parking at O'Hare?

O'Hare parking rates often start at around $7 a day. Prices may vary based on proximity to the Chicago airport, type of parking spot, time of year, day of week, and amenities included. All parking rates displayed on this page are subject to change.

Long-Term Parking at ORD

If you'll be in need of O'Hare long-term parking, SpotHero has it covered. Choose the dates and times during which you'll need parking to view all availability.

Check out the table below to see how SpotHero's O'Hare parking rates compare to that of alternative options.

O'Hare Parking Rates

Type of ORD Parking SpotHero O'Hare Parking Rates Type of ORD Parking Compare to Official O'Hare Parking Rates Compare to Rideshare Estimates*
Park & Ride  $7 per day Economy $10-$17 per day From the North Suburbs ~ $50 roundtrip
Self Park $12-$16 per day Daily Lot $40 per day From the South Suburbs ~ $110 roundtrip
Valet $9-$17 per day Valet $61 per day From the East Suburbs ~ $60 roundtrip
Covered $12-$18 per day Main Garage $40-$74 per day From the West Suburbs ~ $100 roundtrip
Uncovered $7-$17 per day International $74 per day From the Loop ~ $66 roundtrip
Indoor $15-$16 per day Reserved % $10 daily fee + parking cost From Lincoln Park ~ $60 roundtrip

* Estimates based on cheapest rideshare option offered and does not include surge pricing

% Official O'Hare parking charges an extra $10/day to book in advance, on top of the spot's standard daily rate

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