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Minnesota Vikings Parking

401 Chicago Avenue, Minneapolis, MN, 55415



Preseason: Las Vegas Raiders at Minnesota Vikings

Sat, 8/10 at 3:00 PM

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San Francisco 49ers at Minnesota Vikings

Sun, 9/15 at 12:00 PM

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Houston Texans at Minnesota Vikings

Sun, 9/22 at 12:00 PM

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Reserve a Parking Spot Nearby

301 Norm McGrew Place - MN2067 Stadium Lot 2
1 min(236 ft)

starting at

309 Norm McGrew Place - MN2068 Stadium Lot 3
1 min(354 ft)

starting at

Stadium Garage – Covered Self Park
2 min(0.1 mi)

starting at

425 Park Ave. S - Garage
4 min(0.2 mi)

starting at

659 10th Ave S. (601 10th Ave S.) - 1010 Parking Ramp Garage
9 min(0.4 mi)

starting at

212 9th Ave. South - Riverfront Municipal Ramp
8 min(0.3 mi)

starting at


Parking Rates Near Minnesota Vikings

Parking TypeSpotHero Average Rental Price
Commuter Parking$7 - $10
Weekend Parking$5 - $7
Event Parking$5 - $42
Overnight Parking$11 - $12

Parking Near Minnesota Vikings

With the help of SpotHero, enjoy the convenience of booking a parking spot ahead of time, ensuring you have a space waiting for you when you get to Minnesota Vikings.

Pick the day of your event, and search our listings for the most convenient location for you.

Not looking for event parking? Switch over to the hourly tab, select the timeframe you wish to book parking for, find your ideal spot on the map, and head to checkout to complete your reservation!


How does SpotHero work?

SpotHero is a parking reservation service. We partner with different facilities nationwide to provide you with tons of parking options and premium rates.

While SpotHero does not own or operate any of these locations, we do work very closely with the operators we partner with to ensure you have a seamless parking experience every time you park!

Do I have to enter and exit at exactly the time listed on my reservation?

Similar to how a hotel reservation works, you can enter at any time after the start time listed on your SpotHero reservation, and you can depart at any time prior to the end time listed on your reservation.

For example, if your reservation goes from 8 am to 8 pm, you can enter any time after 8 am, and must leave anytime before 8 pm. Please be aware that any time spent parked outside of your reservation is subject to a ticket, tow, or an additional charge (at the drive-up rate) from the parking facility.

What if the event I'm attending runs late?

We set up special rates for events with our partner operators, and the preset times should give you enough time on either end. If the event does last longer than expected, there’s no need to worry about leaving early. The attendants will know and will let you out without a problem as soon as the event is over.

What if I have another question?

You can check out our FAQ page to see if something has already been asked.

Our Customer Heroes are here to help, as well. If you would like to report an issue please reach out to our Hero team either by phone (312) 566-7768, or email – for a prompt resolution.

Please note – If you have already made a reservation, please have either the Rental ID number (located in the confirmation email) or the email address you used to book handy to help us quickly locate your information.

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