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Manhattan Monthly Parking

97th Street Transverse, New York, NY, 10029

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221 W 29th St. - Valet Garage
4 min(0.2 mi)

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100 W 26th St. - Valet Garage
3 min(0.2 mi)

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170 W 23rd St. - Valet Garage
4 min(0.2 mi)

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55 W 26th St. (776 6th Ave) - Valet Garage
4 min(0.2 mi)

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101 W 23rd St. - Valet Garage
6 min(0.3 mi)

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80 W 28th St. - Aston Valet Garage
6 min(0.3 mi)

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Parking Rates Near Manhattan

Parking TypeSpotHero Average Rental Price
Commuter Parking$28 - $49
Weekend Parking$28 - $41
Event Parking$34 - $50
Overnight Parking$60 - $65

Parking Near Manhattan

New York City's Manhattan Island offers visitors a wider mix of food, culture, activities, and attractions than almost any other destination in the world. Popular downtown neighborhoods include Chinatown/Little Italy, Tribeca, and Greenwich Village. The Theater District, Fifth Avenue, and Times Square get the majority of Midtown tourists. The upper section of the borough consists of the Upper East and West sides, Central Park, Harlem, and several residential neighborhoods. Finding on-street parking can be a challenge (or impossible) in some areas, depending on the day of the week and time of day. That's where SpotHero comes in.


Does SpotHero cover every neighborhood?

Yes. Scroll around the map on your SpotHero app, and you will find dozens of available garages in every part of the city.

Do all parking garages in Manhattan charge the same rates?

No. Prices vary widely depending on where, when, and how long you wish to park.

What about on-street parking?

Some sections of Manhattan have limited free street parking with a host of rules that apply throughout the week. Metered parking below 96th Street costs $3.50 per hour. Beware, however, because some areas such as Midtown only have commercial metered parking on weekdays from 8 a.m. until 6 p.m.

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