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SpotHero isn’t just a parking reservation service – we’re flipping mobility on its head. As cities are getting smarter, urban transportation is in the middle of a major transformation, ripe for disruption. At SpotHero, we’re at the helm of this sea of change, with a suite of tech-driven offerings that are powering comfortable, convenient driver experience for millions of people every single day.

To achieve our mission, we need engineers to hep build an intricate web of parking hardware and software that is deployed to every parking garage and lot in the country. We need thought leaders in the distributed systems and data science. We need tinkerers that love reverse engineering something, and building it back up to be 1000x better. We move fast, without sacrificing architecture. We’re building an HA system that doesn’t sleep – and we’re working hard to deliver on that.

Join our team and help build products that get people where they want to go, using the devices, apps, and platforms they prefer, so that they (and you) will never have to think about parking again.

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I joined SpotHero because I was looking to join a close-knit team that could have fun while working on challenging things. It was also really important to me that we "fail fast", learn from our mistakes, and use what we learned to grow individually and as teammates. - Boiar, Senior Engineer I

I've been at SpotHero for over two years because we pump out great software that people love while staying at the leading edge of the open-source software technology landscape. There is always opportunity to learn and apply new languages and technologies. - Nick, Engineer II

SpotHero is at a fun inflection and convergence point in terms of both the business and the technology. We have an opportunity to influence the huge technical and social revolution in autonomous cars and IoT/connected garages. It's incredible to work with engineers who can set the technical direction of the company and leverage the latest and greatest in tech to solve these problems. - Rob, Director of Engineering

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2017 Chicago Innovation Award

Chicago Innovation

2017 Best Consumer Web Company

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2017 Best Company Culture

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Spotlight: Hero of the Month

Angela Vitzthum

Hailing from a small town in Central Illinois, as a kid, Angela always wanted to be a race car driver. Though that dream never came true, she still made her way into the transportation space as a Senior Product Manager for SpotHero working on projects like SpotHero’s integration with Android Auto. When Angela isn’t working on making parking easier for the masses she’s most likely hanging out with her Great Dane mix named Angus, grabbing a drink with friends or working on some nutty side project.

This month, we celebrate Angela’s contributions to the team!

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