• What is SpotHero’s cancellation policy?
    Hourly Parking

    Free Cancellation

    Cancel up to the minute your parking reservation begins for a full refund!

    Monthly Parking

    Free Cancellation

    Cancel up to the minute your first month of parking begins for a full refund!

    The cancellation policy for subsequent months varies with the type of facility. Please refer to our monthly FAQ for more info.

    Airport Parking

    Free Cancellation at Most Facilities

    The cancellation policy for airport parking reservations varies with the facility. Most allow free cancellation up to the reservation start time, but some are strict and don’t allow cancellations or refunds. We’ll indicate the specific policy at checkout!

    Once a reservation has started it can’t be cancelled or refunded, but if you’re having trouble with please contact our Customer Heroes for help. We’re happy to help resolve your situation!

    Note: this is our standard cancellation policy, but in some cases exceptions may apply. We will communicate where a different policy applies. For more information, refer to our Terms of Use.