Sell Parking With SpotHero

List your spot and start earning extra revenue

Best-in-class owner tools empower you to list your parking spaces for hourly, monthly, event rentals – or a combination. We’re here to help you maximize the potential of your parking assets with a selling plan that works best for you.

Parking Operators

As technology continues to advance, more and more drivers are booking parking before they pull up to the garage to save time circling the block for a spot. With over 40 million cars parked, SpotHero is the largest online parking marketplace in North America. Are your locations online?

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Airport Parking

Travelers want to make their day as easy as possible. Airport parking gives the traveler more control into an already stressful day. List your airport parking on SpotHero and tap into North America’s largest online marketplace to buy and sell parking. Customers find your spots by searching their departure city by state, name, or airport code. As the seller, you decide the parking rates.

Event Partnerships

Are you organizing a big event such as a marathon, festival, or convention? Regardless the size of your attendee list, they will need a place to park! Depending on attendee size, there is a range of options to fit your event parking needs. Many events across the country have partnered with SpotHero to make parking easier for the thousands of attendees on the guest list.

Event Venues & Teams

Online parking reservations get guests from streets to seats faster than ever. Your customers can look for the spot closest to the venue, book the reservation through the app, and redeem to enter. There are a range of event parking options to fit your venue. Let’s work together to give your guests an experience above the rest.

Property Managers

It should be easy to keep your renters happy, but as their property manager, you know this isn’t always the case. Tenant happiness boils down to the amenities and level of safety compared against the price point. Parking is an amenity that many tenants find valuable and are willing to pay a premium for. Parking makes you more valuable to many renters. Some of those spots will be leased out, but you won’t lease all of them – why let them sit there empty?

Spot Owners

Did you know customers are looking for a place to park – why not with you? As a spot owner, you can list your extra spot(s) on North America’s largest online parking marketplace where drivers look, book, and pay for parking. Make your spot(s) available to a vetted network of customers to eliminate worries regarding who is parking on your property and rest easy knowing there is 24/7 customer support to handle reservation concerns.