What People Are Saying

  • Best parking secret in Manhattan! ★★★★★
    When you think it will cost you going to have to pay some ridiculous amount of money because you have to park in the city, go on Spot Hero and you will find parking for less than half the going rate!!
    By MEddyM for Version 4.21.1
  • One of the easiest ways to save money ★★★★★
    I love SpotHero. It truly is one of the easiest ways to save money. You get the most convenient parking place to your destination and save significant money in the process. If you park a lot you could easily save hundreds of dollars a year. And you don’t need to worry about credit cards or visiting payment machines. Just scan the QR code upon entry and exit. So easy. So smart. Makes you feel good about yourself!
    By Stevefromamerica for Version 4.21.1
  • NYC ★★★★★
    I have had no problems with this app in NY. It has gotten me out of several parking binds. I can’t say I’ve tried it anywhere else and I do notice most of the bad reviews come from other cities. If you want NYC you’ll have no worries.
    By gutfetg for Version 4.21.0
  • Always the best ★★★★★
    I used all the time, mostly in downtown, always allowing me to park close to where I am going at the best rate.
    By MGuz19 for Version 4.21.0
  • Dreya ★★★★★
    No way not to give less than 5 stars. I always use this app when I have reservations to a hotel downtown. It finds the closest parking garages and shows you all the prices to all of the surrounding available spots.
    By MzDreya1 for Version 4.20.0
  • Spot Hero NYC ★★★★★
    I have used this app whenever I need to drive and park in NYC. It’s fantastic! I can choose where I park and how much I want to spend. Most recently I secured parking ahead of an event I was scheduled to attend, because of a drop in temperatures the roads were icy and I couldn’t make it I initially figured I was just “out” the money, thinking about it, I took a chance and spoke to customer service who was knowledgeable, courteous and refunded my money. I will happily continue to use this app and certainly spread the word about it as well!
    By LynnVig825 for Version 4.20.0
  • Great customer service ★★★★★
    You don’t really know how good a company us until there is a problem. The garage we booked through spot hero was overbooked. Not knowing what to do at the moment, the friends we were traveling with paid for another garage. I let Spot Hero know a day or so later and they credited my account, no questions asked. Great job, Spot Hero.
    By wam957 for Version 4.20.0
  • Bnylo ★★★★★
    What a life saving app!!!!
    By Bnylo for Version 4.20.0
  • This is fantastic! ★★★★★
    Finding a spot in Portland can be a pain but this was easy. And we got drinks and needed to extend our time which we did without returning to the lot. So great!
    By Scubasteve302 for Version 4.20.0
  • Great deals and service ★★★★★
    I have been using this app to purchase parking in Denver for the last two years and it has work flawlessly every time except once where the attendant wasn’t available so had to pay at the garage on top of my reservation. I called SpotHero on the drive home and they refunded me my payment after sending them a picture of my receipt!
    By Da Evil 1 for Version 4.20.0