What People Are Saying

  • Clutch ★★★★★
    Extremely clutch app for parking
    By babgocubs for Version 4.68.0
  • The Best!! ★★★★★
    So easy to find parking, checking in and out was a breeze and the price was great!!
    By CNXAI for Version 4.68.0
  • SpotHero is a no brained ★★★★★
    This is the best way to find parking and make it affordable!! Thank you SpotHero!
    By ebaldelli for Version 4.68.0
  • Parking nightmare solved ★★★★★
    Super easy parking app. Great prices.
    By Happy Parker 2 for Version 4.68.0
  • Parking ★★★★★
    A great app, very easy to use.
    By Robodaviking for Version 4.68.0
  • Life Saver App ★★★★★
    Love this app, whenever your in a bind this app comes to the rescue. You won’t regret using it.
    By Shawn Weston for Version 4.68.0
  • Great but some suggestions for NYC ★★★★★
    Straight forward and good prices. In NYC the parking garages vary significantly so maybe a street view photo you can seen when booking? Also they sometimes don’t add on an SUV charge when you book even though the car model is entered. But overall very useful.
    By isvrhal for Version 4.68.0
  • Convenient!! ★★★★★
    SpotHero has gotten better over the years and I always use this app when I’m looking for parking whether I’m in downtown Chicago or NY.
    By 1dmx for Version 4.68.0
  • Change of plans - easy refund! ★★★★★
    I’m grateful for a quick and easy full refund, and the app is extremely user friendly!
    By jaquoppy for Version 4.68.0
  • Flexible! ★★★★★
    I’ve always been extremely happy with Spot Hero, even Moro now! We had a change of plans and it was so easy to cancel and get a full refund. Thanks SpotHero!
    By BenJammin0325 for Version 4.68.0