What People Are Saying

  • Love. ★★★★★
    Never had a bad experience. Support team is nice and helpful and works far too hard to put up with half the nonsense levied against them.
    By abitahooey for Version 4.50.0
  • Best app ever ★★★★★
    No doubt in my mind one of the best companies/apps out there. It’s so straightforward, saves you SO much money and time, and doesn’t lock you into anything/you can cancel up until the start time. I don’t think I’ve seen a company this transparent and easy before. I use it every week - seriously one of the best!!
    By JayBeeSee for Version 4.48.0
  • Very competitive rates ★★★★★
    I’m usually planning my parking arrangements at the last minute. Spot Hero gives me the best rate all the time, advising me how long it would take me to get to my destination after parking.
    By Miche2020 for Version 4.48.0
  • Parking Downtown ★★★★★
    Best most efficient economical and fast system ever!
    By DebraVW for Version 4.48.0
  • Awesome ★★★★★
    Spoke w/ Customer Service rep and got credit to my account for an unfortunate situation, something I am honestly not sure too familiar with due to the typical customer service bots usually given on websites and not direct-direct phone #s giving typical run-around. . .highly recommend this app, just be careful to look at the details because they are mostly Valets and you really have to dig for individual spots in big cities + I believe just generally. . .!
    By Ryan Austin 0808 for Version 4.47.0
  • Spot hero is great ★★★★★
    I had heard many advertisements on the radio. I tried it and have really liked it.
    By Jim Gluc for Version 4.47.0
  • I highly recommend this app!!!! ★★★★★
    I always worry coming to a big city like Chicago and end up paying a fortune on parking. With this app, my life is so much easier!! I'm impressed with the ease of use and map directions and details about each location!! Thanks for saving me tons of money $$$$!!!!!
    By Hope&Alyx for Version 4.47.0
  • Fantastic prices!! ★★★★★
    This app never lets me down! Always get fantastic pricing in areas that would otherwise be outrageous! Well done! I tell everyone about it and use it myself all all the time!
    By threeponyherd for Version 4.47.0
  • Best Parking App! ★★★★★
    Spot Hero is the best App for finding the best prices for parking. The App is very user friendly. I always take advantage of their promotions and referral credits. I recommend the App to friends, family and clients.
    By jkovacs for Version 4.47.0
  • Great app! ★★★★★
    Helps me everywhere I travel in the U.S. love this app I recommend it to all my friends when they need good price parking 🙌🏽
    By MiriamTB for Version 4.47.0