What People Are Saying

  • Best parking app!!! ★★★★★
    This app is amazing because it lets you edit your reservation in real time without penalties. You can extend or cancel without issue and with a refund commensurate with the time used/unused. It truly is one of the easiest experiences I have had parking in general. Love it.
    By bam bam023 for Version 4.62.0
  • Works great ★★★★★
    Fast and cheap, great combo. Cancellation easy too.
    By WillRide for Version 4.62.0
  • Confusion ★★★★★
    I was confused on how to work this app only because I wanted until the day of to download and didn’t pay attention. I mistakenly got a ticket from the parking kiosk which I wasn’t supposed to do. Now I know what I’m doing after asking a friend.
    By AlenaKym for Version 4.62.0
  • Saves so much time and money ★★★★★
    Especially when parking in any big city I have saved so much money on parking , you don’t have to go through the stress of driving around and settling for a parking garage for $40. Have found all day parking for $10. Overnight parking for 10-20$ instead of $60-$80. You get to compare prices , shows all the surrounding rates as well. You can pay for it ahead of time and reserve your spot so you can just gps to the parking spot and check in. The garages are really up kept. Some with over night security. Sometimes valet . Never have had an issue. Great for taking day trips or weekend trips. LOVE THIS APP
    By WalkingDeadFan#1 for Version 4.62.0
  • What a Saving ★★★★★
    By crozea1 for Version 4.62.0
  • Will use again ★★★★★
    I had to cancel due to Covid-19 but the app was easy to use and I would have saved a lot of money on parking. I definitely plan to use again
    By P robroy for Version 4.62.0
  • Great app! ★★★★★
    I always find a good and close and reasonably priced lot! So easy to navigate, can cancel if you have to. It’s perfect!
    By Anonymous scary guy for Version 4.62.0
  • . ★★★★★
    Really helpful and intuitive APP. Saved me many $......
    By GmenRule for Version 4.62.0
  • By Far Best! ★★★★★
    Best parking reservation and always easy to navigate. I love it!
    By C-Hester for Version 4.61.0
  • Great personal customer service ★★★★★
    I spoke to a young woman earlier today. She was so professional, friendly , efficient and pleasant. Nothing was too much effort for her, booking and emails etc. you should have 1000 just like her!! Camille calvitti
    By maymajic for Version 4.61.0