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We went to a Giants game at AT&T park, and while I would normally have to pay AT LEAST $25 for parking, and sometimes as high as $50….I used the App to find a spot for $5 in a random lot that had a certain amount of spots reserved JUST FOR SPOT HERO Customers. The only thing I think I would be aware of is that these spots are not always for large vehicles. I have a Pathfinder and I barely squeezed in.


I so glad I found Spot Hero because now finding parking downtown Chicago has never been easier. My parking rate was cut in half yesterday because I used spot hero. It's easy, it's fast, and it saves me money. Now we need airplane hero! Hotel hero! Lol! We you make it you can treat me for the idea. :-)

Glamour lady

I really do recommend this app for anyone who travels. To me its kind of essential to me when i travel around.